Questions First Year MBA Students Ask

The first year MBA student asks many questions. How many of these are the right questions? To answer this, we have considered the main concerns of students who naturally want to choose from the best MBA colleges in the industry. The best MBA colleges in Bangalore are the top choice for students who want to excel in their career. For students with wide MBA aspirations and motivations, top MBA institutions like Hopkins College in Bangalore are the right choice. Here are the questions first year MBA students need to be asking.

#1 Do Grades Only Matter?

The Bloomberg report on recruitment found the companies really seek imaginative problem solving, leadership and communication skills and strategic thinking in their candidates. From a job market viewpoint, what matters is real world knowledge. It can help you to ace a recruitment test or crack a job interview. Therefore, while grades may be one indicator of your success in the MBA program, other qualities are important too. How current is your general knowledge? Does knowledge base find an application so that you know how to handle work challenges? These are equally important as the percentage you have scored in the exam.

#2 What Specialization is Best?

Reasons engineers study an MBA range from improving employability to a quest for knowledge. Part of why you want to pursue an MBA is to specialize in a particular field of management. MBA in finance, HR, operations are only some of the areas where you may want to excel. Your specialization should reflect your career goals and aspirations as well as skills and capabilities.Got a head for numbers and a passion for getting your calculations correct? Then finance is the option for you. If HR and relational aspects of company life interest you, human resources is the way to go and so on. You should be able to map a career plan which then guides you to choose the right specialization.

#3 Are Any Subjects Compulsory?

Taking subjects which lie at the core of business management in the field you want to pursue is important. The subjects like statistics and maths are critical if you want to specialize in finance. For operations, you need to have a sound understanding of trade and logistics. For HR, a thorough grounding in industrial and organizational psychology is a must. Subjects you take need to be based on the MBA you are going to pursue.

#4 How Do I Get the Best Internship?

For landing an international internship or a global placement, you need to have a resume and a job application that really stands out. Don't wait up to update your resume. Be clear about the kind of degree programs that will give you an edge in the current market. MBA alone is not enough to land your dream job; you also have to put in real hard work. Getting the Best ROI on your MBA Students in the first year may have many questions and doubts. While these are just a few, there are many angles students need to consider such as productivity, the value of the degree, placement record of the MBA college and more to get a return on investment on their management degree.

Considering all the factors, students need to think progressively to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that they are more than just an average applicant in the job market. Hopkins College helps students secure international placement through its well-established degree programs that command industry respect and worth in the market. Choose to have an edge in your career, with a management degree from Hopkins.