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MBa without CAt/MAT

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Directm MBA admissions


chech your elibility for Direct MBA admissions without entrance exams .They say nothing comes free in life. One needs to be good enough to achieve success, for which a certain score is always expected in exams from a student. However, this is history now, at least at St. Hopkins Group of Institutions. You do not need to maximize your scores in exams in order to fulfill your dream to get an MBA Graduation Degree. St. Hopkins Group of Institutions offers MBA admission without MBA entrance exam. It is like dreams come true for the students, who often faces lack of seats in colleges to achieve their academic goals. This is the only and biggest educational institution in India, who never discourages students from pursuing their desired MBA Graduation Degrees even with lower grades in school or high school exams.

Scores are Just Figures, Never Rely on them for Dreams

In a country like India, where the population is rising up high every day, career has become a major issue for the youth generation. The entire nation is suffering from unemployment disease, where a large number of students are living under the career oriented insecurities. Academic success is considered as the window of career growth by most of the educationalists across the nation. St. Hopkins Group of Institutions has brought the right solution for the present students of India and they have constructed MBA colleges without entrance exam criteria. This policy has really reduced the chances of unwanted dropouts of the students from high school premises. They have also provided a direction to the career goals of the students by securing their academic desires. Here in this institution, students can apply for direct admission in MBA programmes and pursue their degrees after the completion of the course. Students are not required to appear in CAT or MAT entrance exams anymore to be admitted in MBA programmes. The plan of MBA admission without entrance exam, as designed by St. Hopkins Group of Institutions, is observed with high amount of success in long run.

Education for Success Goals at St. Hopkins MBA college

Here in St. Hopkins Group of Institutions, it is believed that success is the reflector of right decisions. The world class faculty in this institution is always at a mission to bring the students grand amount of success in their careers. Here study has become a way of expression in the lives of students and they have started enjoying their subjects they had aimed for throughout their lives. Success is always followed by a certain amount of intelligence and right decisions in right time. St. Hopkins Group of Institutions encourages the students not to be too late to take the right decisions and enhance the intelligence within.

Facilities for Students in St. Hopkins MBA college

Students can bring their dreams of having an MBA Graduation Degree in reality at St. Hopkins Group of Institutions and that is also within an affordable budget. Students are appreciated with a free laptop right after their admission process. Henceforth, they are also taken to Dubai for study tour, where they can learn various avenues of business administration. The orientation process of the students are conducted in Malaysia and offered specialized internships on the 3rd semester with a minimum package of 3 lac per annum. Students are also given SAP and Six Sigma training to make them eligible enough to perform in any growth market across the world.

"Creating Entrepreneurs" Admission Open For 2017 Batch
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