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St.Hopkins Entrepreneurship Program – A Jugaad for aspiring Entrepreneurs:-

Gotta Idea ??? Wanna Start up???… Lets Get Started…….!!!!!

Infosys…Wipro… … …. …. Have all been startups at one stage… and today we know the story… One thing common between the above companies are , they are all Bangalore based and all the above companies were started from their homes . Bangalore Supports start ups… it’s a city of opportunities; the ecosystem supports entrepreneurs, So if you dream to start-up then read this.
MBA at St.Hopkins is a usefull Program for all the “Would be Entrepreneurs”.

If you are thinking about starting a Business, this Program will shoot up your Enthusiasm & Energy and give you overall Confidence to venture into your Dream Business. This Program will quickly clear all your negative thoughts on Entrepreneurship. Remember that “Future belongs to Risk Takers and not Comfort Seekers”.

At St.Hopkins learn you PRACTICAL ideas, you shall learn how to start a business the Most Practical way explaining how exactly to lower the risks of entrepreneurship without any big Loans & borrowings. This Program will teach you, how to Start your own successful business, without all that Big Risk! Entrepreneurship on a Low Risk can be done.

A Common belief among “Would Be Entrepreneurs” is that only few people can be Successful. It is completely wrong.

“We at St.Hopkins Strongly believe that, Anyone Can be a Successful Entrepreneur. Success does not come through genes. It comes by the decisions that you take. You don’t have to be a graduate from a very Prestigious College with an MBA Degree. You just need the Burning Desire & Will power to Succeed, at any Costs.”

Successful businesses can be started from a small office or even from your house or from your college .It need not be Unique in every way. According to a survey conducted by a leading magazine called The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the study reveals that 90 percent of businesses worldwide are copied from the current existing successful businesses. You can learn from others & even excel on it.

This Program will also explain in simple clear steps, the Real & Practical Aspects, an Entrepreneur must follow, while setting up own Business & will also explain the “Must Do” things, when you are beginning to start your own Business.

You will also get a Golden Opportunity & a real chance to meet the concerned Professionals & take their advice & suggestions before you start your Business. Here, Professionals from various fields would be invited to give Practical Advice & Suggestions and would explain the various Practical Aspects, Rules, Regulations & other statutory obligations that one must follow, while setting up their own Businesses and while running their Business. The Professionals would be Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Advocate, Banker & others.

Some of the Most important aspects that can be clarified are as follows…

1. What are the various Licenses, Permits etc that one must obtain, before starting the Business?
2. What are the Rules & Regulations that one must follow, while setting up & registering one’s own Business?
3. What are the statutory regulations that one must follow during the Business?

4. What are the Registration formalities that one must observe?
5. Should I start a Proprietorship, Partnership or Private limited concern? And what are the advantages & disadvantages of these?
6. How should I go about Banking?
7. What are the other General things that must be in place for us to follow?

We would strongly suggest that every Participant takes maximum advantage of this Sessions & sort out all the doubts that they have. It is our experience that an Entrepreneur would normally spend great amount of Money to discuss & get suggestions from the above mentioned Professionals, otherwise.

More than anything else, getting & organizing Funds to start your Business is the biggest Challenge & major obstacle for all aspiring Entrepreneurs.

If Finance is a big constraint for you to start you own Dream business – Don’t worry! This Program also has a very interesting Session called “How to Fund Your Business & increase Working Capital ”.

St.Hopkins shall provide all the relevant support for funding , you shall get an opportunity to meet the Angel Investors and present your business plan for funding , in few cases St.Hopkins shall invest at the initial stages if the venture requires initial support .

let’s come together and let’s Start-up….kaise bhi..Kuch Bhi… Jugaad Tho Ho Jaega !!!!!

"Creating Entrepreneurs" Admission Open For 2020
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