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Admission Open For 2015 -16 Batch

About MBA at Hopkins

Do you remember all the subjects and topics you have studied before???


Assured Placements

HCM has established excellent brand equity with the corporate world. Companies recognize that HCM is an Institute where they can find the best-in-class students for their recruitment needs. The placement Division provides assistance to students for their final placement as well as for their mid program internships. HCM has a track record of placing its graduates in many world-class organizations for final placement and students at HCM can be confident of acquiring a significant set of additional skills during their time at the institute that companies are eager to employ. We are the first college through out India to assure you 100% placement service. We also provide students internship for all.


In this fast moving life everyone wishes to make his life a handy baggage. But making one's life as a handy baggage is easy but maintaining it with this rapidly developing world is a big mystery. So we will try our best to train our students to develop the attitude required for managing the life in this modern world and live the life at its best.

Foreign Educational Tour

HCM provides educational tours in foreign countries to analyze system and skills of abroad companies and culture. It will make our students walk hand in hand with the global perspective in the future.


HCM students will be covered under health insurance policy from a national insurance company. The student of this institute will get a scholarship based upon there previous academic record and the result of college internal scholarship exams and the performance in university exams will also be considered.


Our hostel is well maintained and equipped with all facilities like Wi-fi, Gyser and individual cupboards and well maintained rooms with excellent food. Our hostel is situated very close and it is a 5 minute walk from the campus.

Additional Training and Certifications

We prepare our students with the view of making them a techno-management students and hence we train them on SAP, SIX Sigma and SAS, which will add value to their profile and help them to handle any technical situation.

Earn while you Learn

HCM provides an opportunity to work in the industries during there academic session. This improves the inter personnel skills and also the exposure to the global market. So by the time students might have finished their MBA, they might have had prior experience.

Wi-Fi Campus

The campus across has Wi-Fi access that you can have access to the internet from anywhere in the campus.

" Creating Entrepreneurs " Admission Open For 2013-14 Batch
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