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How We Teach Sales

A unique workshop conducted at St.Hopkins College, Bangalore, for the 1st year MBA students, students were divided into teams and each team was given a product to sell in a traffic signal, the signal was of 90 seconds, and the students had to face a challenge of finding a prospective customer and had to convince the customer to buy their product.

Placement Training Activity

An innovative and the most effective task given to the students , where students were supposed to find a Job opening on the newspaper and appear for the walk-in interviews and get a Offer letter.

Social Media Training

A unique activity assigned to MBA students where each student was supposed to create a page on Face book, a profile on linked in and Twitter and have a minimum of 500 likes, Connections and followers,

Meeting The Corporate Leaders

A task assigned to MBA students of St.Hopkins college , the students were supposed to meet successful working professionals , entrepreneurs and interview them based in the following questions.

Entrepreneurship Training

This is a very usefull Program for all the "Would be Entrepreneurs". If you are thinking about starting a Business, this Program will shoot up your Enthusiasm & Energy and give you overall Confidence to venture into your Dream Business.

Creating Entrepreneurs school
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