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Meeting The Corporate Leaders

Networking On Social Media

A task assigned to MBA students of St.Hopkins college , the students were supposed to meet successful working professionals , entrepreneurs and interview them based in the following questions.

The criteria was to meet Founders, Chairman's, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, CEO's. CFO's and Managing Directors of Bangalore based companies. The students had to network with these professionals through social media such as Linked in , Facebook , Twitter and seek appointment , meet these professionals and Video record the interview.

It was great experience to the students to have met the CEO's and Senior Vice Presidents of companies such as Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys ,,. Through this the students could personally understand the challenges faced by these professionals to become successful in their career.

Another advantage for the students was that they could personally introduce themselves to these personalities, and through this few of the students got job opportunities.

Till date none of the MBA colleges in Bangalore has conducted such an activity where students were given a chance to meet successful personalities. It was great opportunity and a great moment for each of the student.

Finally each student had to present the video and share their experience, which was again a competition and the winners were awarded with a cash prize .1st prize was awarded for Santosh Prasad with a cash prize of Rs.5000 and 2nd prize was awarded to Ankita Sharma and Younus Sulaiman with a cash prize of Rs.2500 each.

The whole activity was planned and executed under the guidance of Mr.Yunus Ahmed – Director, St.Hopkins College.

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