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Do you remember all the subjects and topics you have studied before???

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Social Media Training

Remember Why this Kolaveri Di ?? if yes then you have the answer , this song went on to promote the movie through out the world , without a single penny being spent . At St.Hopkins we teach you practically how to promote yourself , we teach you how to brand yourself

Networking On Social Media

A unique activity assigned to MBA students where each student was supposed to create a page on Face book, a profile on linked in and Twitter and have a minimum of 500 likes, Connections and followers, mainly of working professionals, this activity helped many students network with the corporate professionals.

he activity not only helped students interact with working professionals on different social networking sites , also get few internship offers , at present every student in MBA has more than 500 connections on LinkedIn and more than 500 likes for their Facebook page.

Students are also given activities to create blogs and community pages on different social networking sites in order to train them networking .Doing so , many of students have got opportunities to connect with business leaders and CEO's and even gone on to get internship or job offers.

" Creating Entrepreneurs"" Admission Open For 2015-16 Batch
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