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How to get direct admission in MBA without Entrance exam ?

A complete admission guidance into Direct MBA Admission procedure

Direct Admission in MBA in chennai Colleges Without Entrance Exam

MBA Colleges in chennai without entrance exam-Direct Admission

Apply for direct admission in MBA without entrance exam from chennai at St Hopkins college bangalore , we are among the list of best mba colleges in bangalore offering mba with 2 international trips , 100% placements and practical education ,if you do not have entrance test score such as MAT/CAT etc , you can still secure admission without MAT OR CAT in MBA There are few top MBA colleges in chennai offering direct admission without entrance exam , which are renowned globally , St.Hopkins Bangalore offers direct admission to students from chennai , If you are looking for one of the best MBA college in chennai or Bangalore for MBA admission without Cat score , without Entrance Exam , or looking for Direct Admission for MBA colleges in chennai, or looking for MBA colleges with low fee structure , or MBA admission without MAT score , you can now apply at St.Hopkins college by giving a separate entrance for MBA at St.Hopkins College .

MBA in chennai is expensive and job opportunities in Bangalore MBA colleges are better than MBA colleges in chennai, as Bangalore has growing number of companies and start-ups .

International MBA Admission At St Hopkins:-

  • Orientation in Bangkok in 1st sem MBA
  • 6 weeks internship directly at ( Europe , Egypt , Turkey , Russia )
  • Entrepreneurship training from IIM calcutta
  • MBA Placements from 3rd sem with a minimum package of 3-3.5 lacs p.a
  • Free Laptop
  • Total fees 4.75 lacs for 2 years inclusive of international trips

MBA with 2 international trips

Fresehrs party in Bangkok , study tour to Malaysia , free laptop , 2 years fees 3.75 lakhs

The number of MBA colleges in chennai are higher than colleges in Bangalore ,students prefer Bangalore over chennai MBA colleges as there are many factors which helps a student achieve desired objective after completion of MBA .

"Creating Entrepreneurs" Apply for Direct Admission in MBA
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