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At St Hopkins we focus on 100% placements for MBA , we achieve this through innovative training practices , we are the only mba college in bangalore who teach public speaking skills through theatre / acting classes , we help students nurture their public speaking skills and presentation skills through going through a theatre training , eventually they are good to act in a play or take up acting as a hobby

Below is the story of our student Gautam kaul , We placed him at Yahoo as an intern for 3 lakh P.A and within 3 years he grabbed a job offer of 12 lakhs P.A .He is just an example , we have many such students who have made it big in their career , read how we change our students career

Our MBA student was offered 12 lacs package at IBM as Business Analyst

"ST. Hopkins MBA Student Gets A Whopping 12 LAKHS P.A Package AT IBM"- Gautam Koul We are proud of your achievement .

Posted by St Hopkins College Bangalore on Tuesday, 17 January 2022

100 % Placements guarantee is the most important aspect of our insitution, we provide International Placements , 100 % placements gaurantee with a minimum of 4 lacs P.A . At Hopkins we ensure every students of ours is placed into the best placement opportunity with the maximum package .We follow a 5 step strategy for each student to acheive 100% placements record .

Step 1

Accent Neutralization and Extensive English Training,
Development of Communication skills,
Interpersonal Skills,
Team Building,
Leadership qualities,
Presentation skills,
Business and corporate etiquettes,
Creative thinking and analytical thinking,

Step 2

Preparing Business Models,
Solving Case studies,
Financial Statement analysis,
Paper Presentation.

Step 3

Participating in business seminars ,
Conducting seminars,
Developing social media skills,
Networking with corporate professionals,
Meeting successful corporate professionals and networking with them ,
Branding yourself on social media

Step 4

Resume Preparation/Video Resume,
Training on How to crack a Group Discussion,
Personal Interview training /Mock Interviews.
Negotiation Skills , Emotional Intelligence .
100 % Internship for 10 to 12 months for hands on experience.

Step 5:

Final placements - Each student would be give 100 % placement assistance, a minimum of 5 chances will be given to each student to clear the interviews, the packages will be a mimimum of 3 lacs P.A, and if a student has successfully completed 1 year of internship, there are chances that the package may be 5 to 6 lacs P.A, with the efforts of the college if a student give 100 % towards the academics, the placements are 100 %.

After these 5 steps with the help of the basic requirement that is the MBA degree you will have a license to drive into the corporate world, your journey begins towards a successful destination.

Mimimum Salary 3 lacs P.A
Maximum 6.5 lacs P.A

Note :- Package offered may defers based on specialization , Industry , brands and the candidates background ,We offer 100 % placement opportunity , selection of the candidate is completely dependent upon the company standards and also the students performance during the selection process. For terms and conditions kindly discuss with the student coordinators.

Internships :-

Internships are the way one gets into corporate world , a fresher can expect a package of 2 to 3.5 lacs P.A during the internship , upon the completion of MBA one would have a years experience and for final placement one can expect a hike of minimum 30 % on the internship package,

The market standards are such that one can expect a hike of 30-40 % after the completion of 1 year of internship for eg if a student gets an offer of 3 lac P.A assuming 40 % hike during the final placements one should comfortably get a package of 4.2 lacs of final placements . Starting a career with 4 .2 lacs of package P.A is a great start and within couple of years one can get into a league of drawing a salary of 6-7 lacs .

Internships/Jobs For Freshers in Bangalore This is the reason most of the students opt for MBA at St.Hopkins as everyone gets the best job and best package after completion of mba , we are the only mba colleges in bangalore offering 100% placements guarantee and the only mba college in bangalore to offer international placements our students have successfully completed internthips in Europe , Egypt , Middle East and Russia , we are one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore to focus on highest package in MBA with 100 % job guarantee.

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