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Learning Business ,The AAM Aadmi Way

In today's world it becomes imperative to test the knowledge by putting it in practical experience. This experience gives the students a better insight and deeper understanding of ' the practical aspects of Business'Hailing from this thought, the MBA students of St.Hopkins college were taught Business Skills through an Unconventional way of Selling vegetables in a busy market place

Students were given charge of the vegetable shop with the aim to increase the sales of the shops located on the busy markets of Madiwala , Bangalore.

The activity lasted for 4 weekends. The students came up with innovative ideas and creative strategies to boost the sales. Effective listening and clear understanding of customer need, presentation of the product, effective bargaining and successful closure creating a win-win approach was closely monitored.They came up with strategies to tackle the immense bargaining skills of housewives who squeeze the vegetable vendors with their sharp negotiating skills.

"Creating Entrepreneurs" Admission Open For 2015-16 Batch
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